Nginx reverse proxy container behind nethserver

Hello fellows, I am trying to put in place nginx reverse proxy on proxmox… And I buyed an domain name, I have idS, firewall, fail2ban activated and I have my domain name redirecting to dyns, if I try to access outside it says to me that “dns finished probe”, and it doesn’t enter into my nextcloud for example, and if I try my internally and I have my nextcloud page🙄, I need also tu put it with certbot ssl, help please

Sorry, I don’t fully understand. You want to reverse proxy from Proxmox to Nethserver?

Is Nextcloud installed on the Nethserver?

Then you just need to add your domain to the trusted domains.

No nextcloud is on proxmox à, I want that my container on proxmox debian ct with (reverse proxy nginx ) forwards into other servers dokuwiki etc by a subdomain and I want to access them externaly… But my ct need to do the proxy pass nginx into those servers instead nethserver proxy I don’t want to use that, but for external with an domain name I can’t access my nextcloud for instance I only have one service nextcloud, also the certbot when I activate it to generate ssl certificate, he cannot reach de subdomain on the registration service like ovh… The domain is already registered, and the subdomain also as an A record.
When I try to access the domain externally I have this blank page…

And the same subdomain shows me a blanc page when I try externally (4g)

I tried to reach your domains and seems working but not serving Nextcloud and could not be resolved.

[root@demo ~]# curl

                <meta name="description" content="cloud">
                <meta name="keywords" content="df">
        <frameset rows="100%,0" frameborder=no border=0>
                <frame name="ORT" src="">
                <frame name="NONE" src="" scrolling="no" noresize>
                        <body><a href="">Click here</a><hr></body>
[root@demo ~]# curl
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Unknown error

Could you provide some nginx config to check it?

Please have a look at nginx logs to see if there are reverse proxy errors.


Please don’t open three threads for the same topic.

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: none
Sorry I have on nginx proxy nginx forward to my nextcloud, I don’t have an trust domain on nextcloud for instance but at least that can be accessed from outside of my network…
My dyndns is OK from outside and I have an redirection at my registar to my dyndns, after with nethserver proxy it worked the redirection… I also have a pi hole but even if the pi hole is turned of it won’t change nothing
From outside 4g…my dyndns answer… But not the domain or subdomain… Proxy Stuff…?

Access internally to my domain maybe I have pointed it also in my dns on nethserver as

Please check the DNS entries of your domains.


gives back another IP than


And gives no IP: