NFS module handling



Thank you so much for this module - it should be part of the core! Just one question on handling:


I use the share within my network e.g. from ubuntu server installations. I do mount the shares (e.g. via fstab), everything runs fine. However I did not activate that option you can see above - now I want to try:
Please correct me if I am wrong:
I need to create a group 1540201119 on the client system and join the required users, correct?


please chek the help on right side

Use the server UID/GID Ownership
    Use the linux acl permissions. To read or write to the share, the users of the remote nfs client must belong of the owner group GID. Otherwise if this option is not set, the gid is overstepped, this makes the share less secure but easier to set up.
Prohibit the root power
    You can forbid the power of all roots to this share, root can overstep the remote GID
Create a new gid/group on the remote client
    groupadd -g GidNumber -o GroupName
Add a secondary group to a user on the remote client
    usermod -a -G GidNumber UserName

you must create the same GID group on the remote clients, it is an option more to secure your nfs service, you could also only rely on IP

Please try to make snapshots in english… I do not speak German (sorry if I am wrong :smiley: )

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my mistake … I did not scroll that far … I end up @ “Prohibit the root power” …
I did not expect futher explanations for “Use the server UID/GID Ownership” … sorry

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no problem, let us know how it works

works perfekt …

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