NFS Configurations

I’m relatively new to nethserver. I saw a recommendation of it in a Zentyal forum. I’m not pleased in the direction they are moving, stripping vital core pieces out of their product to make deadlines so they can say they accomplished something… anyways.

I’ve setup two Nethservers, both have near identical configurations. I spent a few hours attempting to get the data backup setup so that it would actually work. The Windows option didn’t work as I expect but should have since I’ve setup a WIndows share and I’m somewhat concerned that the password was viewable in plain text. I finally was able to get NFS setup correctly (quite proud of myself since I’ve always had trouble getting that to work).

I reviewed the development documentation, added necessary services to both Nethserver servers. configured the firewall services with the appropriate ports and of course google’d every stumbling block I came across to find an answer.

After going through all of that, this post is more of a request of sorts. To add the ability to create NFS shares in the Nethserver GUI itself, instead of hand tweaking configuration files, opening ports in the firewall by hand to test functionality and restarting firewall services. It may just be easier for the end user that isn’t so *nix familiar.


I did for another distro a module like that, indeed nfs could be useful if you can do abstraction that there is no security since the security is based only on what declare the client… cheat on uid and gid is easy

I guess that Shared folders could be extended with an additional tab called NFS.
But shared folders access is based on user, while nfs access is host based.

Some update on this: