NFS backing for Nextcloud data storage?

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: nethserver-nextcloud

Hey all,

I could swear I saw someone else talk about this in another forum post and it sounded sane but now I can’f find it.

I’m trying to put together a little small business server for my sister with her one-person environmental consultancy, and she’s already using nextcloud off a docker container on my personal server.

Long story short, I’ve got proxmox installed over a zfs pool and wanted to export a dataset as nfs which can be consumed by nethserver-nextcloud as its data storage folder. That appears to be “working” at a high level; I’ve got an nfs mount in nethserver pointed to the correct directly and nextcloud is storing files there, which I can access.

Before I go much further, is this a sane approach? Experiences people have had? major problems or annoyances?

thanks kindly,


Hi @ndroftheline

This will work, and as Proxmox is so rock solid, it will hardly give any issues.

As such, directly mounting a NFS share on NethServer could be an issue, so in other cases I’d suggest using “External Storage” inside NextCloud (Standard installed, but under deactivated).
I’m using this on NethServer for companies up to 80 users - it’s rock solid!

If there are any issues, NethServer will start as usual, all will be available except for the NFS share in NextCloud.
As a direct NFS mount, as in your suggestion, a failing mount will block your NethServer from booting. This makes troubleshooting a bit more difficult!

My 2 cents