NFR: sudo access and ssh keys in the user Panel

Looking for a sudo access in the panel of user…I’m not sure that this feature exist even by a db command. The only way I know is to drop a file in ‘/etc/sudoers.d/’ but I want to use the mouse :slight_smile: Like this we could have a checkbox in the user Tab.

Since I want to delegate the administrator permissions, I would have a text area to write the public ssh keys of users in the panel.

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@dev_team does this feature request is now compatible with the remote account provider ?

I don’t see any problem as long the target users exists somewhere :smiley:

I think that the SSH key part is much more simple to implement.

where is the upload plugin of nethgui, do we can test it, I don’t see it :-?

You should find an example here:

I don’t know how it works (and for sure I don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If you have some problems, Davide will surely help.

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