Nextcoud files app no files visible in browser

Hi guys,

I am facing a weird problem.
I have nextcloud running. I am unsure when exactly the problem occurred first, but when I open the files app in a browser on my laptop there are no files shown.
When I open the pictures app, I see all foto’s (and video’s)

The weird thing is that when I open the same app in a browser on my phone, the files are shown. I tried on botg laptop and phone Firefox and Chromium as browsers.
Also in nextcloud sync app all files are visible (both on laptop and on phone)

any ideas?


What does a different browser show? On your laptop…

I tried with firefox and chromium. On my laptop both show the same: no files visible.
On my phone with FF or Chromium: files are shown.

I saw a post on nextcloud forum to repair using OCC command. I did that and rebooted the server, but no difference

do you have a different pc to test if it’s only your laptop? Virtual also good…

I tried with my work pc and that didn’t show files either (win 10 using FF or Chrome)
My laptop is running Fedora 35

Ok, I tried a (maybe obvious) action: occ files:scan --all
And woila: all files visible again…