Nextcloud version


I’m currently running Nethserver 7.5.1804 Therefore nextcloud 13.0.6 is installed.

This server was installed from scratch end august. Today I did an upgrade of nextcloud using yum -y install nethserver-nextcloud

Now I end up with a total mess :

  • occ says

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.
Update failed
Maintenance mode is kept active

  • nextcloud’s web interfaces says we’re still running 13.0.6 (yes, httpd was restarted, yes the web UI is working even if occ says it kept the maintenance mode active)

  • version.php says :

    $OC_Version = array(14,0,3,0);
    $OC_VersionString = '14.0.3';

  • config/config.php says :
    'version' =>; '',

I’m totally confused. I don’t remember having installed NC 12, for me it was installed directly on 13.

Can anybody help or advice ?


Hi @pagaille, I think your previous version was the 12, because I’ve started from this vagrant machine and the config.php says 'version' => '',

So, skipping major versions is not allowed, so you should have updated to 13 before 14.

Starting from this virtual machine with 13.0.6 version the upgrade has been successful to 14.

14 is you current installed version ? Try:

rpm -q nethserver-nextcloud nextcloud

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Actually wether I started from 12 or not doesn’t really matter. Since I simply updated the nethserver-nextcloud package that should not happen :frowning:

# rpm -q nethserver-nextcloud nextcloud                                                                           

There is something really strange happening here. I don’t know what to do. Upgrading again ?

Did an upgrade using the nethserver UI. Solved my problem.

# rpm -q nethserver-nextcloud nextcloud

For some reason the nextcloud package failed to upgrade. Why did it work using the UI and not the command line ? No clues.

Now config.php shows

'version' => '',

as well as version.php.


@alep, thanks for your help. Unfortunately this question is completely irrelevant : I wasn’t working on the right server, I was mistaken by the fact that they have almost the same IP adresses :frowning: sorry for the lost of time.