NextCloud user sync/creation

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003

Module: nextcloud

I have noticed that the usernames in nextcloud get the wrong(?) field of the userID
example: bd979c9e-8861-103a-9c86-0d1f78b2a713 Rémi (remi)

I left like that, but it seams really an issue because that long string is the one used as %USERID% in email account provisioning, which makes dovecot not accept the connection (auth fail)…
Sep 11 12:03:54 www dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (auth failed, 2 attempts in 13 secs): user=<bd979c9e-8861-103a-
9c86-0d1f78b2a713@domain.tld>, method=PLAIN,,, TLS, session=
and when I set the parameters manually, it doesn’t work either … because it takes again that “long string”
Is it “normal” and I got get the right variable ?


Hi Remi

I think you’re mixing up two things:

NextCloud / E-Mail on NethServer are two different things (They’re also different Modules).

NextCloud is NextCloud, and does NOT have anything to do with E-Mail, UNLESS you’re using the Mail Plug-In for Nextcloud. And this is a “Plug-In”, it’s not Nextcloud itself!

NextCloud can / is usually connected to NethServer’s AD for Users / Authentification. Nextcloud creates the LDAP/AD user in it’s own Database (MariaDB) and creates a mapping between Database and LDAP-AD.

NextCloud uses cryptic users like the one for remi you showed above. Dovecot / E-Mail has no idea that such a user exists (The user as such only exists for Nextcloud, the real NethServer user is called (most likely) simply “remi”…

E-Mail is basically DoveCot, and this uses a LDAP connection for Authentification, the LDAP can also be AD. Dovecot uses normal usernames, like shown in NethServer GUI, Cockpit or the older Dashboard.

Hope this helps you understand the differences, and that for mail you need / should use the “normal” NethServer user.

My 2 cents

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I dont think that I am mixing up anything :slight_smile:
Nethserver with the email module is my mail server.
Nextcloud is a module of nethserver in our case and it takes user/passwords from the ldap that is handeled by nethserver, otherwise it is “useless” to install nethserver then nextcloud …
So we can connect to nexcloud automatically(no need to create a user manually in NC) if we are a nethserver user.
Nextcloud has a mail client module, and the ldap module of course, I configure nextcloud to prefill (account provisionning) the informations to connect automatically to the local mail server: which seems broken.
"NextCloud uses cryptic users " it doesnt, I use NC for a long time I have never seen it displaying a UUID instead of a UID , If you see what I mean.
Anyway, to make it easier on us, I have tested rainloop module of NC, and it works,
So I guess all I need is to find the right variable to put instead of %USERID%
I’ll dig in ranloop sources/conf files and let you informed


There was an old discussion about cryptic usernames:

Ok, so I consider it as “an upstream bug” then even if it is “a decision” so made deliberately :slight_smile:

because even if we could get used to the cosmetics, it obviously makes thing dont work(break)

rainloop must be fine with this by using other variables .


Hi Remi

There’s an old saying:

Don’t change the ferryman in the middle of the crossing…
(How would you get the second half done? If you didn’t need a ferryman in the first place…)

But sometimes these things are still done… :frowning:

Rainloop works fine, so does Roundcube.
I’m using Roundcube myself, that works using the normal user-name (The one used to log in to NethServer, Nextcloud, AD), not the cryptical UUID which looks like a MS-License number… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Yes I know that too, but I want a NS 's webmailmodule that handles NS’s form of storage,

with kolab, I have roundcube using chwala file server (kolab) AND seafile.

If I can connect an NS’s webmail client to a storage solution handled by NS, i’ll dump nextcloud right away.

and yet it could be not a bug, after I find the right parameter %???% to put in ‘the account provisioning’ conf page.
AND the issue seems more with the native nextcloud’s webmail client than anything else, since rainloop , sogo and webtop work perfectly.
Beside of NC file storage, does NS have a file storage module that I haven’t seen ?

:slight_smile: If I didnt need a ferryman in the firstplace, why I wouldnt be able to finish the second half ?

There are reports here of folks getting Nextcloud Mail to work, but it’s always seemed a bit dicey to me. I understand WebTop can also save to Nextcloud, but the near-complete lack of documentation for WebTop is kind of off-putting.

Yes it is an idea … but having to install for webtop:
nextcloud and it’s dependencies
plus tomcat/java is kinda of too much … and onlyofficeServer is not handled by NS, and his dependencies are montrious in number and quality: mono ! (it is an ASP application)

plus nexcloud can be a candidate because it handles libreofficeOnline part of NS …
what would be awsome, is to use some kind of kolab’s version of roundcube which handles libreoffice just fine and has plugins to have it’s own storage solution. and/or why not a seafile module …
yes I am a dreamer !


Hi Remi

Simple - if you don’t need a ferryman, you wouldn’t be on the ferry!

You’re free to start working on one–I doubt there’d be a lack of interest.

Edit: And I get it about WebTop, can’t stand it myself. But it’s another option.

why not ? I could be the ferry man :stuck_out_tongue: ha ha !

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Hi to all, I finally got some time to look into it again,
I finally made it work,
To do so, go to settings, then LDAP integration, then login attributes, then click Expert,
there on the second field, Attribute UUID for users: put in: uid , instead of leaving it blank .

From there on, nextcloud will use your uid instead of uuid (from NS/ldap) as it’s “uid”.

I was able to send out an email right after user creation with zero action (user created on NS).
I had of course configured the email provisioning before (to be done only once).

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi, to have a cleaner solution, please update the First field instead !

And if you have issues, like a 500 error, it is actually a permission denied from Dovecot, which occurs in many other cases, a post in this forum suggests to simply disable SharedMailBoxes until the “bug” is fixed.

FYI, I tried thru NethServer to allow full control on SharedMailboxes, but it didnt work either …

Anyway … have a great day !

Hi gals and guys,
I am so impressed by NS that I couldn’t let go on this!

After reading many other posts, I came across a vital information:

The shared mail-boxes thing is workable if you have an ACL tool With the right Access Rights :slight_smile:

So, being a fan of Round-cube (So I remembered that it had one) I activated its ACL module/plugin

And I connected to round-cube with root as the User ( please don’t kill me ! ), yes reading emails as root is very not a good thing, and on the top of it with a Web application … I had tried as admin … it didn’t work, may be NS/mail could be revised for that ? (it is Dovecot that handles this of-course)

So as Root under RoundCube with the ACL tool, I had to give full access to anonymous to the shared MailBoxes.

Yes It is not the “properest” thing to do, but this could be a good quick-fix for some ones, and a good start if “we” want to have a plug-and-play scenario for the big fans of NC …