Nextcloud: user see no shared folder

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Nextcloud 1.9.0
I have just installed a additional Nethserver on a OVH VPS for my company to be able to work home (Covid-19).
Everything works fine, except that one user can’t see the shared folders with the groups he belong to. I have tried to delete/re-create all shares, disable/enable this user, remove him from the groups then re-add without any result. Other users are fine.
Someone has an idea to solve this? Thank you

Do you see errors in /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/nextcloud.log when this user connects?

Maybe delete the user and recreate could help?

I thought about deleting, but I was waiting for the last minute. I try tomorrow morning.

I haven’t deleted the user because it’s being used so far and I want to do it with the user himself. I found out another user with the same problem. All my shares are through shares to groups. Adding a share to the user solves the problem. So I have a problem with groups, if that gives ideas to any of you.
I found nothing special in the log file.

I found some Nextcloud issues about group folders:

Thanks, I’ll check that

Misunderstanding. I don’t use Group Folders, but I share folders with groups of users, created under NS, not under NC.

I replaced my shares to groups by shares to users and it works. It is more work but I can cope with that.
If anyone has an idea to rebuild the shares with groups, it will be appreciated.

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I have the same problem with group shares. Coincidence or not, the last users (alphabetically) of two groups don’t get the shares with the group they belong (I don’t know if there are more problems not identified).
I’m talking about not very large groups, but any way, big enough to become impractical to share by person every folder or file. My organization have, at the moment more than 1k collaborators distribute for around 35 groups, some in more than one group.

Clever! My users having this issue are… the last two ones in my list! So it seems to be a bug within Nextcloud. I’ll check that on their support.

Did you already upgrade to latest Nextcloud 18.0.4? Maybe it fixes the issue…

I’m on 18.0.3. I follow the updates done by Nethserver

I’m on Nextcloud 18.0.4