Nextcloud Update to version 26.0.4

Hello friends,

Nextcloud 26.0.4 is distributed. Are there any plans for a rollout?




I’m not sure if we are going to update directly to 27: I didn’t inspect the requirements.

yes @giacomo i thing upgrading to Version 27 will be much better. has alot more to offer, its load on the server is much lower somehow compared to 26. and has tons of useful features for business and deeper internal integrations.

looking forward to and watching the space


Hi @giacomo,

NC 27.0.1 is now also available. Will there be another update or do we wait until the final of NS 8?

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We already have 27.0.1 for both platforms since few weeks.
Probably NC 27.x will be the last NC major release on NS7.

Sorry @giacomo,

I mean version 27.1.0



I saw the tag, but the changelog is not out in the site.
Probably we can update, but I need to see the official changelog to be sure.

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wait, so NC Nextcloud 27.1.1 is a mAjor release that requires its own launch Event?
Nextcloud Hub 6: Healthy meeting culture and the first local AI Assistant - Nextcloud

i am abit confused…

[quote=“mortee, post:2, topic:170247”]
If this is a release worth of a new Hub number (which it certainly is), then why not NC 28?

The release of Hub 6 does not have breaking changes API-wise. So apps supporting 27 (Hub 5) should work without any adjustments on 27.1 (Hub 6). While the other changes and features are so big that it justifies a bump to Hub 6.

so @giacomo i guess based on the info above, available on the Hub 6 release Page
it is ok to upgrade from V 27.01 to 27.1.1 which is the current latest version of Hub 6