Nextcloud Talk 9 - Grid view, file editing, open sources Talk back-end?

Talk 9 brings grid view, file editing, open sources Talk back-end

I would like to know if and when (approximately) we could use Nextcloud Talk 9 on Nethserver 7.8?

HAs nextcloud talk 9 been released yet.

WHaty i am more interested in knowing, if we will have the HPB talk backend in Nethserver, so that we know how our servers will perfomr on calls.

So far as I can see NC Talk 9 is an RC release & where they are thinking it will be available in Nextcloud 19 hub.

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so meaning not available in current nextcloud version…
And expected date of nc hub 19.

Also i understand it ussually takes about a week or so for new nc versions to be available in Ns

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It got bumped to release 2 days ago (Nextcloud Talk) and Nextcloud 19 is still in beta (v7 i think) so I’d still expect there to be release candidate(s) to test then full release; best guesstimate for NS release late June to mid July.

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