Nextcloud setup-warnings

Hello everybody.

I have new setup warnings with my Nextcloud configuration.
Probably they were created during an update.
Everything works, however.
At least as far as I can tell.
With Nextcloud, however, I am particularly careful and shy away from repairs myself, because the Nethserver developers probably preconfigure a large part of this.
I don’t want to interfere with that.

Do I have to take action here, or will it be cleaned up with the next update? See photo.

Otherwise, Nextcloud is always very slow.
Although the application runs as a VM on a fast ESX host with Opteron CPUs.
The four assigned cores are also underutilized.
More cores would probably not help.


|Operating System:|Linux 3.10.0-1160.11.1.el7.x86_64 x86_64|
|CPU:|AMD Opteron™ Processor 6174 (4 cores)|
|Memory:|15.51 GB|

Version: 7.3.20
Memory Limit: 512 MB
Max Execution Time: 3600
Upload max size: 2 MB

Type: mysql
Version: 5.5.68
Size: 509 MB

Thx :slight_smile:

You can ignore first 2 warnings and execute the ones from points 3 and 4.

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Ok, very thx. :slight_smile:

I have now done that ==> ssh => occ db:add-missing-columns
The messages are gone, except for one:

The database is missing some optional columns. Due to the fact that adding columns on big tables could take some time they were not added automatically when they can be optional. By running “occ db:add-missing-columns” those missing columns could be added manually while the instance keeps running. Once the columns are added some features might improve responsiveness or usability.

Missing optional column "reference_id" in table "oc_comments".
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It’s been dealt with.
You just have to concentrate. :joy:
I carried out the wrong order.

“occ db:add-missing-primary-keys” instead “occ db:add-missing-columns”

thx :slight_smile:

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