Nextcloud reinstall / rebuild setup

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: nextcloud-14.0.3-1.el7.noarch

After some upgrades, I managed to kill nextcloud and had to reinstall as per suggestions here: Nextcloud no longer functional after upgrade 13 -> 14

Which means a fresh start unfortunately. I do have a copy of the original database - putting that back in whole breaks the instance again.

Any suggestions as to what I may be able to pull from that old database to insert into the new one created?

I unfortunately don’t even remember how to add the AD users to nextcloud. Should that be auto now that it is more integrated? Or is there a script etc?

Any pointers to make this rebuild less painful would be appreciated.

Thanks, Klaus.

Did the logs (nextcloud.log, mariadb.log, messages) provided any hint about the failure?
Have you checked if database tables need to be repaired?
Is there any previous backup that could be of use?

Other than inferring it from the table names and contents I’ve no clue. But there are some users who fiddled with nextcloud database internals (Migrating Nextcloud data? - #13 by danb35)

Yes, usually works out of the box.

Unfortunately, that part is not working. I am happy to start from scratch, but at this point I am not even seeing or able to get the AD users into there autmaticall :frowning:

If your server has installed AD, you can try with:

signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update

Otherwise, there’s some sample config that could be of use:

Note that version is not the latest, an update could be advisable.

Yes. That unfortunately was the start of my troubles … trying to update the Server:
it failed with the rabbitmq files getting in the way of the update;
I followed suggestions to pull them and update/reinstall OnlyOffice;
That went OK apart from not working correctly in NextCloud - onlyoffice responded via web etc, but error-ed within NextCloud “incorrect token” or the like.

That’s when I had the ‘stupid’ thought to update NextCloud to see if that would fix that issue. Big mistake and still in a world of hurt :frowning:

I can’t even find that page to check /adjust settings. Looked everywhere before posting here. I assume it is perhaps related to server update

I’ve chosen to restore from backup now as I couldn’t see a way forward (my preference) and now I am back at not being able to update the core. Hopefully snapshots and copies will get me through that process with trial and error.

Hi Klaus,

the best way would to uninstall/update documentserver because the old docserver requires rabbitmq packages not available anymore:

It’s in the Nextcloud admin settings panel:

Thanks Markus. I did follow that (well written) procedure you outlined but couldn’t get it set in NextCloud - perhaps because of the older version 12.0.5. Now that I have restored from backup, I will try that again and see where it takes me this time.

I can’t even find that page to check /adjust settings. Looked everywhere before posting here. I assume it is perhaps related to server update

That option was not in my panel menu after the update - yes was logged in as admin etc.