Nextcloud port 443 change?

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: your_module

Hello, Install Nextcloud and I want to know how to change port 443 to see it from outside the office, I have it configured to see it perfect from outside the office but I would like it not to be port 443, in what places do I have to modify the port?

from outside the office I have it to see how https: // ddns_name-host / nextcloud
Some Latin American ??

Why do you want to use a different port than 443? That’s the standard HTTPS port, and it’s what any of your clients would be expecting.

I think he don’t want to open a standard port, because it will be scanned more than others.

Don’t have nextcloud installed, but I think you can change it at the vhost and apache.conf. Apache.conf is a template, you have to create a custom template for it.

Security through obscurity is rarely a good strategy.

If it is the only security you have, of course right you are right, but I think ass additional it is not so bad.

@syskies I hope you’ve secured your access from outside. Best way I think is VPN.

…except that it could interfere with cert renewal, if not done properly.

Nextcloud is intended to be public-facing. If Neth’s configuration isn’t consistent with that (i.e., isn’t adequately secure), that’s a pretty serious flaw in Neth.

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