Nextcloud password issue

NethServer Version: latest
Module: nextcloud


I am having an issue with Nextcloud. I can login as admin but when I try to active an App, I need to re-enter a password, obviously MY admin password and it doesn’t work.
Has anyone any idea where what that is? I tried almost all the passwords I have ever used here.


What version of Nextcloud did you install?

AFAIK, the default “admin” account for Nextcloud is a local, nextcloud account. When you have installed Nextcloud the password is set as Nethesis,1234 and you have to change this password asap for security reasons.

NethServer also has an “admin” account when you use Samba4 AD account provider. Can it be that you try to log in with that account?


Thats v12 of Nextcloud. I had that running from v10 to v11 and all was fine. I had the plugins activated an they where working. Since I can login as the Nextcloudadmin, and it asks me to only authenticate again with MY password, I don’t know what that would be besides my actual admin password.

Check the date and time are correct.


holy cow, that was it. Don’t know how the time got changed but it was 2hrs behind CEST

Cheers @dnutan