NethServer Version: Enterprise
Module: NextCloud - ONLYOFFICE

someone has integrated “ONLYOFFICE” on the Enterprise version
does it work?

Several members of our community have installed onlyoffice with nextcloud on NethServer, so yes, it works. This is for community version of nextcloud. If you run the enterprise version, I suggest to try and report back.

/me wonders if there is a technical difference between community and enterprise version.
Have a look here for more info: Howto install Onlyoffice document server as Nextcloud app

Technically no. with the exclusion of the professional support + additional modules + enterprise repositories.
Enterprise version is only for Nethesis Partners/Resellers.

I guess Robb was referring to OnlyOffice enterprise edition, not NethServer one …

It works on NethServer Community and Enterprise version as far as I know.

But actually it is not installable due to centos minor release because the onlyoffice-documentserver.rpm still requires librabbitmq-tools which is not available anymore. I assume they will release another rpm in the near future that should work again.


so I did not understand,
can not I install ONLYOFFICE? I also tried COLLABORATE the problem is analogous.
so I can not install it on the enterprice version for technical issues and for license issues?

There are no license issues.
There are technical issues at the moment because a package needed by onlyoffice-documentserver is not available anymore. I didn’t find a way to get around this but I hope they’ll fix it and release a new package:


ok, thank you very much
I’m trying to install “collaborate” but I have a similar problem.
I open a new case.

Onlyoffice team reacted really fast and released a new package!

And it works in first tests!

To update:

yum install

signal-event nethserver-onlyoffice-update