Nextcloud - OnlyOffice Spell Check Issue

Hello community,

I wanted to spin up a VM and test Onlyoffice as a replacement for my aging Office 2010/2013 are starting to retire from service. Has anyone ran into spell check just not working irregardless if the feature has been enabled?

I know this isn’t the place for support just curious if I missed a common thing someone has already experienced on the forum. I installed the app via this 2 step process.

Seems to be an issue…

or intended:

Also, it’s important to understand that it is the 1st version of the Community Document Server, so it lacks some of the functionality, like conversion service and spellchecker.

the community document server does not support all features of the official OnlyOffice document server and does not provide the same performance and scalability.

I still didn’t test the Nextcloud Hub Onlyoffice but with the OO module the spellchecker is working.


Thank you as always for the speedy update. I’ll take a look at Collabora and see evaluate it’s performance.

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