Nextcloud Memory cache

NethServer Version: 7.209
Module: Nextcloud 23

This started as a support Request,
but it started looking more like a
Feature Request, than a support Request,
The more i typed.

In an Effort to partially Degoogle Myself, i Downloaded All my photos and files from google. and Uploaded them all to Nextcloud (over 15gig photos)

While Loading the Photos, i noticed that it takes long for them to load the thumbnails.

My server has 16 gig RAM, is Running Mail with Webtop. Ejabbered, nextcloud,with Collabora, Vpn(ipsec tunnell to AD) Firewall and Spam. current RAM usage is at 12 gig (idle) maybe i need to add.
not sure if there is an issue, or i should refer to as my reference.

While loading Said Thumbnails Also, i noticed that the CPU Spiked to almost 95% usage.

That being said, i was wondering if the Nextcloud in NS has some kind of Cache implementation

as seen here: Memory caching — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation
If Not, how can that be Done, so that atleast there is some improved performance

Also, in search for Solutions for Previews, i came accross this App
Preview Generator - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

the App Above however, makes use fo Cron, to Handle this.
My question then becomes, Must i install the Cron app in nextcloud to implement this, then edit the files manually, can’t this process be automated, so i don’t have to go to nextcloud install location edit files, then come back to menu to add a new cron Job.

and How is this command Run inside Nextcloud
./occ preview:generate-all -vvv

As far as I know, NethServer already have some cron and crony tasks. In my very humble opinion, using NextCloud to manage cron must be easyer, but I don’t know if i’d took that way.
If it’s not going to be killed by NS8, I’d love to have a cockpit module for cron. Maybe it’s already there?


what does this statement mean?


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Yes, of course it does; it’d be raising all kinds of warnings if not.

You’d run that exact command without the ./. Doesn’t matter what directory you’re in.

No, you’d use the system cron function to schedule this. I guess you could edit /etc/cron.d/nextcloud to add this command, but probably a better way to go would be to put a separate file there (you probably don’t want to run the preview scan every five minutes).

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Thank you, just started the command. its not even heavy on cpu…
not sure how long it will take for 66 gb worth of documents and photos

Does it mean any file i put in there

Would be executed by the system cron function?

if these are the only things, then it seems it can be automated with a simple curl command with a script hosted on github.

Thanks @danb35