NextCloud: Is anyone actually using FullTextSearch (Elastic Search)?

Hi all!

I was just curious if anyone here is actually using Nextcloud’s Elasticsearch as FulltextSearch?

I have used it before - and it IS flakey… :frowning:

Worked for half a year, then stopped working and I can’t get it to work… It will start, but sometime in the middle of a index run will quit with a load of errors in PHP… :frowning:

Components have all being updated, like the tesserect component, but still will not work. And I did try different things on different servers…

A search in NC will only find something if eg a filename contains that string, but NOTHING from inside a file is shown, not even a simple textfile is indexed…

My 2 cents

my 50 cts: Nextcloud: ElasticSearch: Memory usage and ParamsModel::Incomplete line

Otherwise I have the same symptoms as you do. Additionally the mysterious file locks: NextCloud: Filelock
I think that an integrated full text search is essential for such a system and I am surprised that the NC guys pay so little attention to it.

Sincerely, Marko


As said, the File Locks are probably files in the process of OCR with Tesserect OCR - and “scanning” a 20 page PDF can take a while longer than a reading a textfile…

However, not even a textfile is correctly indexed… :frowning:

I quite agree that a working search is essential for such a system. Using local search is NOT an alternative, as a lot of users only have the web obtion on the road…

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I’ve found something at the nextcloud forum.

Also have a look here: