Nextcloud ip public and domain

How do I set Nextcloud to be opened via public ip and domain because the Nextcloud application in Playstore needs an ip or domain to connect to the server?

make httpd service accessible also from red interface. If you have a public domain set a dns record pointing to the public IP of your server. If the server is behind a router/firewall, redirect http(s) port to the server.

I have a public ip via Mikrotik then I directly use the Nat Mikrotik harpin to PC, the Nextcloud problem is I want to be able to be accessed from outside the network so that the Nextcloud application on the playstore can use our ip server. If the direct ip to the server manager can only be done by Nextcloud, it can’t. What is the virtualhost setting so that Nextcloud can get a public ip?

Not sure what is your issues
Are you registered developer?

I’m not a developer. I see in the internet tutorial they set it via Virtualhost but the Nextcloud Virtualhost on Nethserver is different?

By default, Nextcloud works as a directory. If you have yourdomain.tld pointing to your Nethserver box, you can reach Nextcloud at https://yourdomain.tld/nextcloud. If you want to be able to access it as a subdomain (say, at cloud.yourdomain.tld), you need to:

  • Set a DNS record pointing cloud.yourdomain.tld at your Nethserver box
  • config setprop nextcloud VirtualHost cloud.yourdomain.tld
  • config setprop nextcloud TrustedDomains cloud.yourdomain.tld
  • signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update

See also:


Indeed ! It works perfectly ! I wish the same exists for SOGo :slight_smile:

Same as nextcloud:

One noticeable difference: the /SOGo suffix is mandatory but you do not need to “type” it. If a virtualhost is set you get redirected automatically.


Gosh ! I should read that doc again :wink: