Nextcloud Hub 4: AIrmageddon (Nextcloud 26)

NExtcloud 26 seems to have been released, and as i assumed this to be a small increemental Update, seems the nextcloud chaps have been listening.
Hub 4 pioneers ethical AI integration for a more productive and collaborative future - Nextcloud

This new versions focuses significantly on implementing AI functionalities into the application, am sure there are those who would love the features, but those who would cringe.

Personally i love that they made significant USabiloty improvements into the VArious Apps, oh and Finally, we are getting a Desktop Application for the NExtcloud Talk.

I know many members here don’t like it, but hey, it helps some people.

Looks like a high performance backend and a recording server is required for a number of the new additions. to the Nethserver dev team, i hope High Perfomance backend server and High performance backend for talk become available in Netheserver 8 (Just a wish)

Overall its a wonderful Upgrade.26.01 is already in the RC

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I installed their image recognition app and that alone brought my Nethserver to almost a halt, in the end it chewed on my images for 3 weeks because I had to tune it down so it didn’t run more than 10 on load every 5 minutes with a 4 core, it also created a 30 GB index, yes 30 GBytes of storage space taken, so that was a surprise.

For the number of pics that didn’t get indexed or recognized, it’s a very disappointing implementation for its resource cost.

If applying their AI engine to the base Nextcloud install is going to bring my Nethserver to a halt if I don’t triple the resource allocation, as in 12 cores and 32 GB of ram and another, what 64 GB of storage… this is really going to suck.

I don’t have enough resources to even test an upgrade to NC 26 if this is how their QUOTE “” AI “” /QUOTE is going to run.

Nextcloud is having audition for “crapCloud” role?