Nextcloud Hub 4: AIrmageddon (Nextcloud 26)

NExtcloud 26 seems to have been released, and as i assumed this to be a small increemental Update, seems the nextcloud chaps have been listening.
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This new versions focuses significantly on implementing AI functionalities into the application, am sure there are those who would love the features, but those who would cringe.

Personally i love that they made significant USabiloty improvements into the VArious Apps, oh and Finally, we are getting a Desktop Application for the NExtcloud Talk.

I know many members here don’t like it, but hey, it helps some people.

Looks like a high performance backend and a recording server is required for a number of the new additions. to the Nethserver dev team, i hope High Perfomance backend server and High performance backend for talk become available in Netheserver 8 (Just a wish)

Overall its a wonderful Upgrade.26.01 is already in the RC

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I installed their image recognition app and that alone brought my Nethserver to almost a halt, in the end it chewed on my images for 3 weeks because I had to tune it down so it didn’t run more than 10 on load every 5 minutes with a 4 core, it also created a 30 GB index, yes 30 GBytes of storage space taken, so that was a surprise.

For the number of pics that didn’t get indexed or recognized, it’s a very disappointing implementation for its resource cost.

If applying their AI engine to the base Nextcloud install is going to bring my Nethserver to a halt if I don’t triple the resource allocation, as in 12 cores and 32 GB of ram and another, what 64 GB of storage… this is really going to suck.

I don’t have enough resources to even test an upgrade to NC 26 if this is how their QUOTE “” AI “” /QUOTE is going to run.

Nextcloud is having audition for “crapCloud” role?


is my mind playing Games with me or did i just see the release of nextcloud 27?
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Anyway, if you leave out all the AI stuff, the rest have actually useful update features. but these release cycles are getting crazy.

wil Netheserver release 263 first, or just wait on and skip to 27, is it even possible to handle such an upgrade? that is for NS 7

as for NS 8 am sure by the time they have a full release NC27 will be quite ready as base