Nextcloud - hide users/contacts from one group, of users/contacts from other groups - workaround

Works for me and I am happy in this moment with this workaround.
Please improve it!

Thanks: to @pagaille for hint, to me because I still read the documentations and, of course, to Google search.

NetServer: 7.8.2003 (final); LDAP Account provider
Nextcloud: 19.0.0 - NS package; LDAP integration

1. On NethServer:
a. Create groups under NS Users & Groups.
b. Add users to groups.
2. On Nextcloud
a. Login as admin.
b. Go to Administration -> LDAP / AD integration -> Groups -> Only from these groups: ==> select desired groups.
c. Go to Administration -> Sharing: ==> select: Allow sharing with groups; Restrict users to only share with users in they groups; Allow username autocompletion …; Restrict username autocompletion …
3. After that, in Nextcloud:
a. User account: In Contacts (the icon from upper right side toolbar) you will see only users/contacts who belong to your group.
b. Admin account: In Contacts (the icon from upper right side toolbar) you will not see any users/contacts.

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Really happy that I was able to help ! And thanks for the group tip, it was also my idea to exclude the ‘locals’ group with a LDAP filter.

I think that this way of doing things is way more elegant and easier to maintain than running multiple VM’s ! :blush:

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Also in Administration → LDAP / AD integration → Login Attributes keep select only LDAP / AD Username.