Nextcloud external access problem

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: nextcloud

Hello everyone I have a problem accessing m’y nextcloud by external, connection reset…

And after it worked for a while, and When I have ips, fail2ban, firewall ports liberated 'ssl failed handshake… Something like that… Certificate problems and I would like to putt It running again with no more errors, what should I do… Help please…thank you wonderfull community

Maybe try to set the default certificate with old server manager (port 980) because of following bug:

If you use a different domain than your server domain name you need to add it to Nextclouds trusted domains.

Shouldn’t be a problem but you may disable it for testing.

Did you check if the connecting clients IP is banned?

i will try it thanks

well for instance i regain local nextcloud not bad