Nextcloud Error - You are currently running PHP 8.0.28. Upgrade your PHP version

NethServer 7.9.2009
Nextcloud Version: 27.0.1

Hello @support_team ,

I’ve upgraded my Nethserver which included an upgrade to my Nextcloud to 27.0.1. I’m now seeing an error with regard to the version of PHP I’m running which says:

" * You are currently running PHP 8.0.28. Upgrade your PHP version to take advantage of performance and security updates provided by the PHP Group :arrow_upper_right: as soon as your distribution supports it."

When will Nethserver upgrade the version of PHP used in my Nextcloud?

Thank you.

We do not have plans to do it. Probably NC 27.X will be the last NC major release on NS7.


Hello @giacomo ,

Thank you for this reply…but I’m a little confused. I think I have some catching up to do here on Nethserver. :slight_smile: What do you mean this will be the last version of 27 on NS7? Is NS8 ready for release now? I wasn’t aware of NS8 being a stable release now for us to upgrade.

Is there an upgrade path from NS7 to NS8 now and how safe is it to upgrade? I use Nethserver for Active Directory, ejabberd, Nextcloud and all our mail as well as a repo for all our home folders and other shared folders.

Thank you.


NS7 will be EOL on Jun 2024 and Nextcloud 27 should be the latest major release for NS7 since it’s EOL on June 2024.
We are going to update to all minor releases of 27 series.

Not yet.

Of course: NethServer 7 migration — NS8 documentation


Thanks @giacomo for your helpful reply! I will keep an eye on NS8 and upgrade once it’s ready.

From the documentation, it seems I install NS8 new and connect my NS7 to NS8 using a script to help migrate all my applications. but I’m unsure what the following means with regards to SAMBA migrating. The docs say this:

"Account provider should always be migrated after all other applications.

At the end of the migration, you can configure a Samba NS8 user domain as external account provider for NS7. Bear in mind that NS7 must be able to access the IP address the Samba account provider is bound to. This configuration could be useful if you have modules still running on NS7 that require access to the account provider."

Does this mean that my old NS7 will stay around forever attached to my new NS8 and will my domain still reside on my old NS7 or will it migrate all over to NS8? And at what point would I change the IP Address on my NS8 to be the IP address of my NS7. Or is the assumption that my new NS8 must have a different IP Address compared to what I had used on NS7 and my DNS has to be updated to reflect the new IP of my NS8.

Thank you!

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It will be migrated when you decide to do it, but after all other applications have already been migrated or skipped.

This is up to you. If everything is correctly configured, you can use different IPs and just move the DNS record.


Thank you @giacomo ! I will await the final release of NS8 and test it on my Nethserver 7 test server.

Any indication on when the final release of NS8 could be ready? Fall of this year or into next year?

Thank you.