Nextcloud Email App behaviour on (AD-/IMAP) password change

We have the following mail setup, which is successfully configured for our users:

  • Nethserver IMAP Server for our external email domain with connectors configured for every user.
  • Sending SMTP server is external Mailserver

Now we configured webmail for our users in nextcloud email app which works fine.
(manual configuration with neth-imapserver, the corresponding credentials and external-smtp server with its own corresponding credentials for sending mails).

That works until the AD Account Passwort (and thus the imap PW) is changed.

I come from finding out that as soon as the password was changed, the whole nextcloud email app configuration has to be done again. Is that normal? Is there a workaround?

Yes, the mail app stores the password separately and does not know about the user password change.

I think the workaround is to ease autoconfiguration so users just need to enter the new password.

I tried Auto Mail Accounts and adding values to config.php without success.

From the mail app docs:

If autoconfiguration for your domain fails, you can create an autoconfig file and place it as https://autoconfig.yourdomain.tld/mail/config-v1.1.xml For more information please refer to Mozilla’s documentation:

You may use the email autoconfig module by @danb35

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