Nextcloud - DN of the client user has changed! Help with changing it back to what it should be

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Nextcloud: 19.0.3

Hello @support_team,

Yikes! I’ve just noticed that in my Nextcloud ldap settings where ’ The DN of the client user with which the bind shall be done" field has one of my domain users entered in this field! I know I didn’t enter this user on purpose and no one else has access to do this. At this point I just want to put this field back correctly to what it was when I first installed Nextcloud on Nethserver.

Could someone provide direction for me on what username and password do I put in these fields? I’m referring to the two fields in the red box below:

Do I look in my Nethserver > Users and Groups > Local Active Directory > Details and copy the Bind DN and Bind password and put these into the above fields in the red box?

Thank you.

Yes, for the most part unless you have some funky LDAP/SAMBA setup. For example, my setup has with the bind password provided in the exact section you described it above.


Thank you @royceb

I think the problem was related to a password I had saved in Chrome showing up in this field? Very strange. I’ve cleared out any saved passwords and I can now see the ldapservice@mydomain.local once again.