NExtcloud Clustering and Failover

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: nextcloud

in its current configuration, is it possible to have a nextcloud instance that has automatic failover to another Node, should there be an outage on the main node thats hosting nextcloud,

if so, how can this be achived, since we have a cluster based system?

Hi @oneitonitram

Where did you read about High Availability Clustering in any NS8 documents?

A cluster does not mean high availability, see Proxmox:
1st level is a simple cluster with fast migration, the second level is Cluster with full HA…
A cluster can also allow load distribution, in NS8 distributing different Apps to different servers, eg mail on one noad, file-server and AD on another. It is NOT possible to have two file servers using the same AD at the moment!

→ A slight discrepancy between wishful thinking and reality!
AFAIK, it’s not planned for in NS8 (maybe in NS8.1 or later, who knows…)

My 2 cents


I did not see it anywhere, that is why i was asking if this is something supported, if its not and will not be, then Proxmox will the the implementation strategy for what i want to achieve.