Nextcloud and external storage

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Nextcloud


I got some strange behavior on Nextcloud, I hope somebody can help. I suppose it must be caused by some update within the last two or three months. As admin, I set up external access to localhost CIFS / SMB as shown here:

This setup worked fine for all users for several months. The users in group “Nextcloud” are populated within Nethserver. Members are me, wife, kid_1 and kid_2. Today I had to update kid_1’s laptop. During that I noticed that the home folder was not accessible from Nextcloud. Now the external storage is not available for the kids while it is available for wife and me.

See pictures here My login:

Kid_1 login:

I do not know why some users have access to their home directories while others do have not. I swear: It was accessible for all users when I did do the setup for both kids in April 2020. And was still working until June.

I tried to set up individually, with the same result:

Direct login using username / password does not work either. Any Ideas what might have changed??? And, by the why, how does the kerberos ticket auth work?


First thing, can you confirm kid_1 and kid_2 users can mount the smb/cifs independent of NC?

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Confirmed: Both laptop logins work perfectly with smb/cifs share mounted within windows. kid_2 has time limitiations for login (AD, however today noon, the resources were mounted correctly)
Mount within NC is not possible for kid_1 and kid_2.

Does a new username say of wife_1 trigger the same scenario of able to mount cifs/smb locally but not through NC(I’m interested in the _1 portion of the mount within NC)?

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No, usernames do not have “_”. This is just to distinguish. user names are anton (me), bertha (wife), caesar (kid_1), and dominique (kid_2).

Pardon me, I am just trying to go through my head where to first isolate the problem and then start working backwards to see where the permissions/settings might be getting stuck.

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within LDAP admin, I did not only set up login times for the kids, but also allowed computers (just their laptops). The main station, the Nethserver, was not included. But this is necessary as the NC localhost IP the different from the AD IP …

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No, your proposal gave me the correct clue :slight_smile:

Lol just because I know the mods would like me plug it, make sure to mark your problem as solved :smiley: Glad I was of some use.

:slight_smile: Just added the Nethserver with NC running - did not notice that the AD instance of Nethserver is running on chroot / different IP and DN :slight_smile:


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Time enforcment for a file share really hasn’t crossed my mind, thank you for sharing this. Yesterday I setup a NS-SAMBA/AD with NC and used FreeNas as a storage back end. I’m going to take a stab at this now because it just makes sense.

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