Nextcloud 28:Hub 7, Office Productivity Improvements

Its Only recently that Nextcloud Hub 6 which was Version 27.13 was released, and now we have Nextcloud 28 having been released:

Nextcloud Hub 7: advanced search and global out-of-office features - Nextcloud

Release v28.0.0 · nextcloud/server (

Ints Interesting how Fast Nextcloud is nowadays pushing new features functions and improvement.

this time around, i would say, the major improvements and focus are on Office productivity Improvements.

From searching Improvements, to SIP integration, Advanced Out of Office management, Oh and now seems everyone is moving to VueJS

Ah, PDF annotations, My favourite, filling and signing PDF is always a hassle.

Looks Like NEthserver 8 Might be shipping with NExtcloud 28: Hub 7

and to the Dev team, i think we need to talk about Nextcloud improvements on the Module.

Especially on TurnServer, High Performance Backend for FIles as well as High PErformance backend for Talk, these are all available as Docker, and i think we could implement them into the current version of NS8 Module, to make NExtcloud way more feature rich.

on the improvemets made on NExtcloud office, Did Onlyoffice shoot itself in the foot?

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That’s always been their model. Pity they aren’t as interested in having those features actually work.


Have I overlooked the full text search?
That would be worth a news message.

that’s actually well implemented in this new Version.

i think most are actually also underestimating the office useability improveemnts that we have at hand,

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And NExtcloud 28.01 is already released jus tin time for Christmas.

Looks like the Release for NS8 might be featuring ns28.

Oh, i forgot NS7 and ns8 need to have the same version during LAucnh because of Upgrades Migrations, or wont that be affected?

@davidep I am curious, When should we anticipate to get the New versions of Nextcloud.
NS8 currently at 27.1.7

There are now 28.0.6 and 29.0.2

Nextcloud 27 is the last version available on NS7: upgrade to 28 will be possible only on NethServer 8.

Nextcloud 28 will be available on NS8 soon after the 27 EOL, which is planned for this month: let’s wait the upstream announcement.


Thank you for this Update and Input.

What then would be the Subsequent availability of Nextcloud 29, and subsequent release cycles for Nextcloud on NS8?

A ball park idea of ‘generally within a month after upstream release’. would be nice.

Not Necessarily, i think 2 Minor releases would be better

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All fine by me, as long as there is a guideline.