Nextcloud 24 released, I dont understand it

Nextcloud Hub 24 is here - Nextcloud

Nextcloud 24 has been released, and to be honest, i dont really get this new release. in my own layman opinion, a significant portion of the changes and updates introduced, do not require a major version, mainly because, a number of changes, are implemented at the App Leve, and the announced features, have already been pushed by respective apps(mail,collectives) to the current v23.

Why did it require a major version jump for the functionalities.


That’s just NethServer.
They often announce stuff way too early, or highly uncoordinated…
And sometimes it’s a mix of both symptoms.

Yet - surprisingly - it works!

My 2 cents

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There’s this no longer new craze to chase each other with higher and higher version numbers in a short time while making minimal changes to the product.

Many softwares* today use the same policy. Consider it just an old-school minor release :wink:

*I just installed Firefox 100 :laughing:


I blame Chrome for that a lot. And Firefox follow the dumb, asinine, fool, stupid, ass backwards choice.


our sweet spot, 24.01 has been released Release v24.0.1 · nextcloud/server (

was this updated on NEthserver?
to 24.04? Release v24.0.4 · nextcloud/server (

No. Last one on NethServer is 23.0.6 (at the time of writing). It seems Nethserver will stick to 23.x for a while. v24 requires php7.4 at least, not officially available on Centos 7 (not on software collections but on remirepo).

in the works:


amen here we have

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Released, but EOL is May 2023, before that date we will need to switch to NC 25.

Hopefully NS8 will be ready, i see good progress with it.

@giacomo how usable is ns8 at the moment. i undestand though mail and nextcloud modules are still work in progress.

It depends on how you define “how usable” :slight_smile: We are running our Nextcloud, Mattermost and Prometheus on a NS8 since July. We are planning to migrate our mail server next month.


that’s wonderful, i guess it means the webtop and mail modules should be complete by this month end, or next month. great news, i guess it also mens in its current state, some other modules can be imple,ented for ns8, especially the ones which were impossible to deploy on ns7, like

looking forward to all these.

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Blogpost suggested for the experience. And the hiccups. :wink:

how does one upgrade to the nextcloud version 24

One installs the Nethserver upgrades, just like for any other module upgrade.