Nextcloud 24 released, I dont understand it

Nextcloud Hub 24 is here - Nextcloud

Nextcloud 24 has been released, and to be honest, i dont really get this new release. in my own layman opinion, a significant portion of the changes and updates introduced, do not require a major version, mainly because, a number of changes, are implemented at the App Leve, and the announced features, have already been pushed by respective apps(mail,collectives) to the current v23.

Why did it require a major version jump for the functionalities.


That’s just NethServer.
They often announce stuff way too early, or highly uncoordinated…
And sometimes it’s a mix of both symptoms.

Yet - surprisingly - it works!

My 2 cents

There’s this no longer new craze to chase each other with higher and higher version numbers in a short time while making minimal changes to the product.

Many softwares* today use the same policy. Consider it just an old-school minor release :wink:

*I just installed Firefox 100 :laughing:

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I blame Chrome for that a lot. And Firefox follow the dumb, asinine, fool, stupid, ass backwards choice.

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