Nextcloud 23 - Community Document Server (for OnlyOffice) not supported

Hello Team,

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the upgrade of Nextcloud 23 but I’ve now discovered that the Community Document Server that works with OnlyOffice in Nextcloud has not been updated. I believe I can update the xml to increase the supported version of Document Server but this hilties the pont (for me at least) that OnlyOffice on Nextcloud may not be fully supported in the future.

I’ve been encouraging our office to leverage Nextcloud and all the amazing apps that are available on Nextcloud. The main app they use beside document storage is to be able to view/edit Office Documents directly in their browser. But if OnlyOffice and the Community Document Server is not something that Nextcloud will support (and they aren’t because it’s not a featured app) and the maintainers of the Community Document Server is going to become a dead project I think it’s time I look at alternatives.

I see on Nethserver has Collabora avaialble but I have Nethserver Enterprise and the docs.nethserver say it’s not available for me to use.

  1. I really don’t know much about Collabora for Nextcloud. Is it hosted locally on my Nextcloud Server or does it need to use an external service outside our office?
  2. What is the reason for Collabora not being available for Nethserver Enterprise?
  3. Are there any other options people are aware of to view/edit documents in Nextcloud that work well and are supported.

Or maybe it’s time I install a local copy of Only Office Community Document Server on my local lan and point my Nextcloud to use that instead?

Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You may use Collabora or Onlyoffice instead of the builtin Nextcloud options. Both can work on the same server as Nextcloud and remote (not necessary).

It’s available but not supported because It’s a community module.

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Hello @mrmarkuz ,

Very much appreciate your answering my post. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond.

I’ve attempted to install the Collabora App on my Nextcloud. I’m not having success in enabling the new Nextcloud Office App (which uses the collaboara app). Seems the issue may be related to the version of richdocuments that is not working properly in Nextcloud 23. Here is a post I found with instructions on how to fix it:

I tried installing the necessary bits from the post on my test nethserver but my Nextcloud database became broken and I couldn’t log back into my nextcloud. I think there is a Github bug opened for this issue but I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

But I do see that the community server app for Nextcloud has finally been upgraded to allow for Nextcloud version 23! So for now my Onlyoffice is working once again in my nextcloud. But I’m concerned that the community server and onlyoffice is not going to be fully supported over time. The new “featured” nextcloud office app released in nextcloud 23 is probably the way to go (if only collabora worked!).

Thank you.

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