Nextcloud 18 + Collabora 4.2 + ONLYOFFICE

It also happens during package update from 0.1.3 to 0.1.5.

It would be appropriate for Nextcloud to increase the download timeout.
With the connections we have in Italy downloading from GUI always hangs! :slight_smile:


Another thing NS users of the OO app should know.

It’s very broken, I’ve tested this on two installs and changes aren’t saved.
The iOS app login is broken.
I unshared a folder and everything shared with other users was unshared.
WTF is going on over there at NextCloud?


we are using 0.x.x en 18.0.0 releases what can we expect?
i personally think documentserver 0.5 will be grown up and 18.0.1 will be more stable.

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i have created a issue on github to do a upgrade
solves the time-out issues

Good to know!

Would you mind opening also the related PR? Thanks! :wink:

yeah! :slight_smile:


Now that nextcloud includes onlyoffice community pre-packaged.
i have seen a number of you folks complain that ist shallow.

considering that, do we still use the normal method of installing only office with nethserver, will it still work fine, or some things will break?

Everything should work fine.

NC 18.0.1 is ready to be tested @federico.ballarini @saitobenkei @jgelauff.
Please carefully ready the QA notes! :wink:

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I don’t want to break my Enterprise installation :slight_smile:

i have deployed a new test server, i am currently testing and tinkering.

I have not yet installed onlyoffice, or collabora yet to test.

seems there are now new very 9ice functions in the new ver+sion of nextcloud.