Nextcloud 13 admin menu?

NethServer Version: 7.5

I can login with the user admin and his password, but I cannot find any admin-menu?

May be you use the wrong Admin Account from Nethserver. You must use the Nextcloud Admin together with the AdminPW of Nextcloud. Normaly is this Nethesis,1234



Hallo Uwe,

This is a fresh installed server. There are two Nethserver users: admin and administrator. Which one is the Nethserver admin?

Test it with admin and Nethesis,1234

OK, I got it. I just used user: admin with the password: Nethesis,1234

It is a bit strange, isn’t it?


Yes it is. The Admin Account of Nextcloud is different to the Admin Account of Nethserver. Dont ask me why.
May be the Experts here can bring a little bit more light in the darkness.

They are just testing us? :grinning: :grin: :joy:

There may be applications where it’s not possible to have an ldap/ad admin and in some cases you may want an admin user without the need for ldap/ad.

This topic is discussed in some other threads too:

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Yes, having many admin accounts could be a bit confusing.
After installing nextcloud module one of the first things to do is to change the admin’s password.
Nextcloud changed menu organization, having two sections (user profile, administration) in some cases with identical menu names on the sidebar, which at first could also be confusing.

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