Ability to merge LDAP admin

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: nextcloud
Is there a way to merge the ldap admin of nethserver to the admin of nextcloud.
it kinda feels weired to have two admins on nextcloud, considering the one from ldap does not have all the user rights as the builtin admin does

It’s actually worse than that–Nextcloud, WebTop, and Rainloop all have their own admin accounts, all called “admin”, and all distinct from each other and from the system admin account (also called “admin” if you’re using LDAP). Doesn’t seem like a good design.

that’s true, especially why not being able to change the name of the account to say,

Administratoruser or something, because if someone tries to access, they will always try to guess username admin.

and since alotof people know nextcloud, and nethserver, if they know you are using nextcloud, they may guess your password.

Only if you’ve chosen a poor password. If you’re using good, strong passwords, a known default username isn’t a great security risk (though it’d be better that it not be there, of course). But if nothing else, simply for the sake of reducing confusion, these users should be (if they can’t be merged with the system administrator user) something like nc_admin, wt_admin, rl_admin, etc.

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install nethserver-fail2ban and test if the bad login attempts are banned please

ok, ill test that one.