Nextcloud 12.0.2 iOS apps auth issues

NethServer Version: 7
Module: NextCloud

After updating Nextcloud to 12.0.2, I can no longer authenticate with the ios apps, neither NextCloud nor Owncloud, I can auth using the safari browser on iOS. One of the servers I pushed back to 12 and was able to connect again.

Anyone else seeing this? Could it be the uuid v user name issue discussed on the Nextcloud forums?


you are not allone. Same Problem here. I can connect via Browser from ipad and from Windows Phone. But it is impossible to connect via Nextcloud App. The Message from the App is “Wrong Username or wrong Password.”



@Giuse are you using nextcloud on your iphone? Can you confirm that issue?

Maybe it is related to this:

Check also the linked issue.

I am able to connect with both ios apps, but cannot authenticate, I get the login failed error with the 12.0.2 install.
The 2nd install I upgraded to 12.0.2 also appeared to have the same failures and reverting back to 12 allowed access again.
I have attempted login to 12.0.2 with both the username and the uuid.

We really need to get the software center to allow selection of updates instead of all or nothing, not all end users are comfortable dropping to the cli to pick and choose updates.

The other thing that’s disheartening is how often this happens and how it’s exacerbated in the all in one concept, I know the problem is Nextcloud, but because it’s integrated I can no longer revert Nextcloud… I’m crushed with work and life right now, that’s why I haven’t been around here at Nethserver lately, which I really miss… and now that this is broken, I’ve several upset users and I have to tell them to bad, so sad, I can’t prioritize this now, so everyone is turning to icloud, google drive, the company owner is all, “Well if the file sync thing is broken can we trust the rest of this Nethserver thing isn’t broken?”… sigh.

Here’s another;

Which iOS app version? A new version was released yesterday.

It’s really confusing, I saw this yesterday and I have no idea where the problem is, what I know is that ios 2.17.6 works with nc 12.0, beyond that I can’t be sure where the problem is, and there’s this from yesterday.

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So, it gets weirder.

It seems that the nextcloud desktop client and nextcloud ios client fail to connect or authenticate locally while using an fqdn, if, from local, I vpn out with a full tunnel, the desktop client immediately connects. I can login from the browser while local using the exact same fqdn. If I create another account using the exact same fqdn and login creds, it connects and allows to download while the other, original account in the client still does not connect.
This all started in the last 48 hours. I am so confused.

If you found (I didn’t) many service disruptions after Nextcloud updates, feel free to report here and to the upstream project :wink:

You could downgrade installed rpm, but I don’t know how the downgrade by Nextcloud itself.

I understand this, we deal with it almost every day.
But the nextcloud packages stayed in testing for 1 week and no one from the quality team joined the testing. :frowning:

We always upgrade our own installations for testing, but in this case nobody here uses a smartphone with iOS.
Also, since the bug is upstream, I guess the payed support for Nextcloud could help assisting in situations like this. :wink:

We are to help, but of course we are not the software Gods :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s my problem too, I am an Android user…

Trying to give some desperate tips:

I read that some people turned off wifi and could connect afterwards via 3G/4G.

If creating a new account with same creds is working, what about pseudo-editing existing account and apply?
If creating new account does work on new client but not on old, you may try factoryreset iphone and freshinstall of nextcloud client, as it looks like a client problem…

I read about disabling IPv6 helped.

Also read about password problems, when having special characters in password.

I have a big problem with this statement @giacomo. As a volunteer I can’t just set aside making a living and dealing with life’s demands on your schedule.

I think this is a local dns issue.