Nextcloud 1.16.17 missing Data

Hi, I have a problem with my Nextcloud installation.
One User had some Data in his own directory (No SMB share) and all Data are lost now. I can see it in the Activity list but i cant open the data, because they are missing.
The user also uses 4/20GB of his space, but there is nothing on the webinterface.
I use the daily backup inside Nethserver, but i have no idea how to restore the data from this user only.
Is there any way to get the data back or is this a bug in the latest nextcloud update?

Hi @Takato, good to see you back!
If you go to /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/user/
Is the data there?
If so, you need to rescan the data using the occ commandline utility as apache user:

sudo -u apache occ files:scan --user
If you want to rescan files for all users:
sudo -u apache occ files:scan --all

If you get an error that occ or the files can’t be found, use full paths instead of just occ or files:scan

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