Newbies in the dark

(Ted Miller) #1

As a newbie, I am probably screwing things up, but here I go. I installed Nethserver as a virtual machine using Virtualbox and hope (after testing) installing it on a VMware platform as two servers synchronized. I need something with a GUI interface to hold my hand as it where to help me get the important server stuff put in action. I am looking for a file-server and where users can share resources. Hope to add thing like MySQL as I get bolder. Look I am the perfect test case (Not just a nut or basket case) for this subject. I looked at your GUI front end in your description of the Nethserver and said to my self: this is exactly what you are looking for. So I startup my virtual Nethserver and I get a command line asking for login and password. I do that and no GUI :frowning: From what I gather is that I must run the GUI from another browser on another computer. So I type in https://COMPUTER-5:980 (per instructions) and I am getting nowhere. I want to really grt somewhere PLEASE HELP! Is there a Quick Start Guide for dummies like me? :sob:

(Vhinz Sanchez) #2

Can you try to use the IP address you entered while setting up your NethServer (NS)? The hostname might not have been registered in DNS.

Things to try:

  • Ping the IP address of NS from the computer you are using to access via web browser
  • Ping the hostname of NS from the computer you are using to access via web browser

The 2nd one will check whether the hostname will resolve to an IP address.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #3

You shouldn’t need it :smile:
Have you installed using the ISO? If so, you’re ready to go.
Also take a look to the manual:

(Roberto Sitzia) #4

Hi @MillerT I usually take care of dummies :wink:

when you will have solved your little access isssue please give a look at this (if you don’t have made yet)


and this

You feedback is really apprediated.

I should post some new stuff for dummies within few days.