Newbie Neth + Sogo install

Hello, I plan on replacing an MS SBS server with Nethserver and SOGo.

I Need to use the existing Outlook 2007 clients (which I believe SOGo does with openchange)

Can someone run through a few steps to get me started in my test environment.
So far I have a dedicated physical server with Neth 6.8 installed and updated. I have also installed SOGo from the software centre and created 2 users from within the Neth web admin panel.
What are the next steps?

Thanks in advance

For Outlook 2007 support you need openchange, it isn’t part of sogo at nethserver. You can try to install manually, but before I came to nethserver I tried it with Zentyal which has openchange, but there were to much errors and I can’t use it.
Please read this thread. There are commercial plugins like Alessio said in post 5. Perhaps this is your solution.

Thanks for the reply.
It seems that there is no easy solution to MS SBS replacement.

Does webtop support outlook 2007 clients from Neth?

Anyone have another suggestion? - Loved the ease of setup of Nethserver and the GUI

OpenChange has been dropped by SOGo because of incompatibility issues.

I think you can use ActiveSync. Am I right @lucag and @nrauso ?

Hi @kis2006 :wink:

you want migrate your mail server or mail server and domain?

I migrated a server SBS last week (with the Enterprise version of Nethserver).
Please note that the mail there are no problems with outlook. The problem exists if you want to use contacts and shared calendars.

You have to use active sync but it works well only from the outlook of 2013.
In my case, where necessary, I have replaced the older outlook with thunderbird (which works great).

Otherwise you have to buy outlookdav

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I have found This product. It adds to Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 caldav and cardv support and is free- Personally I tried it only in Outlook 2016

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
I do need calendar sync with sharing from a native outlook client and the out of office assistant.
Only outlook 2013 and on supports active sync.
Reliability is a big concern, so maybe I’m asking too much of openchange and should stick to the MS server sw.
I didn’t really want to install plugins on the client side but will look into this option as a last resort along with upgrading the outlook version to 2013 and using active sync.

I read that reliability is important to you and that’s why we do not recommend you try to use Outlook with an EAS account (even with Webtop). Documentation is provided in a note ( which is supported EAS only for mobile devices.
From experience I can tell you that you may also be able to run Outlook with EAS and Webtop but if you are looking uina stable and reliable configuration is not the right choice.