Newbie - confused over shared folders

Hi, I’m making progress with setting up Nethserver from scratch to replace an old(ish) ‘hand crafted’ server system.

My hardware is an HP microserver with (at present) a single drive containing the Nethserver install to date. The plan is (was) to install up to four data drives in a RAID array and import my existing data. My system is all Liniux, I don’t run any Windoze machines.

I have the firewall/gateway and email sorted, now I’ve moved on to setting up the file server. I have ~2Tb of existing files and folders I need to import and share, everything from personal data to music and films. At present I have a pair of BTRFS formatted 2Tb drives containing this data, shared using the Turnkey file server in a virtualbox VM.

My assumption was I would be able to install these drives into Nethserver, re-format them as a software RAID, then restore the data from offline backup and configure nethserver for file sharing. I seem to either be wrong or very confused :frowning:

As far as I can see at present I can only define new folders, and only with lower case names. I cannot import existing folders for sharing, or worse still, have anything other than lower case names for everything. From various comments and discussions on the forums the shared folders are placed in /var/… so they’re included in the backups etc…

Am I completely confused or is what I’m hoping to do actually possible with Nethserver ??


Hi Paul,

If I understand well, you are trying NetServer 7 alpha 3.
If yes, please remember that this version is in development and testing mode.
A lot of modules and/or functions are not ready or fully functional (“Temporary unsupported modules: Shared folder, including Samba and HTTP shares (a full refactor is needed”).

From the first announcement (about 12 days ago: NethServer 7 alpha 3 released ), the Dev Team from Nethesis and many of us, works to improve and to test the modules, but we must to wait till when the RC version or the Beta 1 version will be ready.
Till then, a lot of changes can occur every day.


If you need a fully functional version, you can use NS 6.7 full, or even NS 6.8 beta1.

You also need to consider that might not be possible to upgrade from version 6.7 to version 7.2.


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No, nothing as daring as that ! I’m running Vn6.7.


I’m not sure I’ve understood your intentions, but if your plan is to add two hard disks to an existing NethServer, you could simply add them to the existing volume group (called VolGroup, the CentOS default).
If you want to use two disks as a RAID1 array, you should add the md device to the volgroup.
Another option is to mount the btrfs disks “as is”, centos 6 supports btrfs as a preview (I think btrfs is fading away, AFAIK it never reached stability).

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I’d have to go search for my earlier posts, but one of the developers gave me a tip to how I could change the share name to include upper case once the share had been created. Basically an mv on the folder and an update to the entries in one of the DB files.

To use existing shares, you need to mount them, using the bind option, to the folders created by NS.

Don’t know about the backups, as I don’t use the built in one.


Thanks for the replies. It’s looking like with a bit of juggling ‘under the hood’ Nethserver can be persuaded to do what I need. I’m waiting on new hardware arriving now, so I can move my existing server to a temporary home and set up Nethserver properly.