Newbie and migration from sme


NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: sogo

I extracted two shared folder and a Maildir of an user from and old and buggy sme 8.0 installation.
Now i have installed nethserver 7.3, installed domain controller samba 4 module, recreate users and shared folder.

Now I’d like to put the maildir of the old user to the new user for recoverin emails. On the old server there was sogo, and I have installed sogo on the new one too.

How I can do that?
Thank you

imapsync is one solution…rsync could be another tricky one

I believe that there is a script to migrate a sme8 to ns7, but if your sme is unstable…you can have issues.

thank you
but under /var/lib/nethserver/home I haven’t any home folder of the users, and also users cannot access to shared folder even if I make the configuration under shared folder…

What I’m doing wrong?

You have to do a ssh-login with the user, at this step the home directory is created.

the option ssh remote shell is grayed out for users

That’s right, but at the moment where you try to connect with ssh the home directory is build. I interrupted the login and it worked for me.

Thank you.

I put maildir folder in the vmail folder of the user, chown and now seems all ok


Can you mark it as solved please

To all

This should be documented in the wiki page on sme migration


It’s done, have a look at


thank michael, @Ale could you please describe on the wiki what you did to migrate your sme, only you can share your experience :stuck_out_tongue:

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:grin:my english is not very good! but i can try
Have you any guide on that?

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That’s a great idea!
@Ale you can follow-up that discussion gathering as many details you can and sharing your own experience.
It would be very useful for others

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You only have to register / loginat the wiki and you can edit the article in plain text.