New Year Resolutions?

Happy New Year one and all - hope you had a great festive period.

I was wondering if you were the kind of person that made resolutions? Do you have any this year? Personally or for your technical skills?

One of my first personal goals for the year is writing. More creating, less consuming/reading and this is my first step in that direction:

What are you planning on for 2017?


Hi Alessio and a happy new year.

What are you planning on for 2017?

I will get and install NS7 Final and be happy like with NS 6.8.




Well I’m a dreamer…so excuse me

  • Module side

I want to do in the first quarter

nethserver-clamscan (ns6+ns7)
nethserver-nfs (ns6+ns7)
nethserver-php-scl for ns7 (need tests more, the release is soon)

  • Core side

I would be more implicated in the core side in 2017, I started one project nethserver-diagtools, needs probably reviews.
I would do some modifications in nethserver-virtualhosts (more apache directives and the choice to be an alias or a virtualhost)
correct bugs if I have the skill.

  • documentation
    I want to start to write some developer documentations in the wiki
    how to create validators
    how to retrieve the e-smith layer in php
    how to write the php display layer in nethgui

What I write it is something I learn !!!