New to nethserver - Set different from email address for one user

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: email


I’m very new to nethserver but an experienced IT admin.

I’d like to use nethserver to host my family email and replace an ancient SBS server.

I host several email domains for them which can be delt with using alisas, but one user will need to reply to emails using a from email address that is different to the defaul email domain.

default domain =
alternate domain

How can I make this work for this one user on my mailbox config?

Thanks in advance


Hi John,

welcome to Nethserver community.

This is done at the client side and called identities or profiles. Here is an example for Thunderbird:

Which mail client do you use?

Hi, it will be iOS mail and Mac Mail for this user. I did wonder if that approach would work. Coming from an Exchange back ground I’m just used to setting the defaul reply address for users :slight_smile:

In the Apple world it seems to be called aliases:

Thank you i’ll dig in to this