New selector for groups

When we are in the dashboard (management|groups), isn’t it possible to add a fonction who unroll a list where we can select several users to add them to one group…?
A picture is worth a thousand words. Something like:

I know that’s easier saying than developping. That’s just an idea. :wink:


Try with disabling JavaScript on your browser :blush:

Ok mea culpa…my browser was FF. and I’m not able to desactive java on it…:frowning: resolved it. By switching on/off javascript, now I can select multiusers. Very good!

But I need java to administrate OPSI ( A planned expansion to avoid activating (manage opsi) and off (manage NS)? :innocent:

What did you prefer (on Firefox)?


Thank @davidep indeed you have made an exception if the browser can’t handle the JS, but in fact I think that the idea of a hidden menu (with a fieldswitch for example) could be nice when you look after which user need to be in a specific group. I agree in a really large number of users that could be annoying to see them, therefore the search field like you did is good, but if you can see the list of users it is easier to manage them for example if you forget the name.

Of course if you use the user panel you can see the list of users and manage the group ownership…but in the same way, that could be good to see a group field more in the user table, if you want I can look and propose a Patch

I use Firefox with the addon Scipt Blocker to decide where sripts are alowed or blocked.