New section in module choices on webinterface

As you might know we have an education team that is trying to push NethServer into schools. For this, some educational applications/modules need to be added. The applications we are currently working on are Chamilo, Moodle, Xerte online Toolkits and a probably a few others will follow.
I would like to ask if it is possible to create a separate section for Education so all those apps are together in 1 section.


No problem for me. It’s easy to add a new section both in the Software Center and in the left menu!

However, I’d see the modules before deciding where they’ve to appear. :smirk:


Absolutely agree on this. But it is great to hear that the education section gets the support it needs. This thursday 20.00 cest we will have our first edu blab. Feel free to join us then… :wink: