New Official Telegram Chat

Let’s try something new.

We used a Telegram chat to organize the NethServer Conference with a realtime communication. It worked pretty well. Sometimes Discourse doesn’t provide the human touch that a chat is able to do

So I convert our Telegram Conference group into

On the other hand, I’d like to avoid a further fragmentation of our communications so this is just:

A place where we can freely chat and get to know each other better. Please, no support questions, features requests or discussions related to NethServer.

I haven’t figured that out yet but let’s try it and see how it goes.
Let me know what you think, see you there


I do like the idea of an internal real-time communication platform (managed and supported by the NS administration team).

As we are witnessing at the moment with issues surrounding “correct forms of discourse” and privacy implications, I personally do not wish to sign-up to other 3rd party social-mediums only to be banned for expression fair and reasonable points of view (ie discourse that is governed by corporate polices and / or other external 3rd party political / commercial influences).

Also, I notice that the href you provided results in the following URL:

My regards, @medworthy

True. I also encountered that limitation.
This url will take you to the precise channel

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Greetings brother @alefattorini .

It seems to me an excellent way to redirect queries and even provide some syndicated content either from the forum or from the blog.

Finally, the destination will be found on the community site or on the official blog

In any case another way of communication to reach the same destination is an excellent decision.

Congratulations tribe

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I hope this will help connecting people but… I won’t create a Telegram account for this.


And what about the Slack platform? It’s still alive, or will be cut.

Why not a real old fashion IRC ? A real chat, without social stuff :wink: !? )

I’m not “antisocial”, but is the “social” stuff is necessary?

Sometime, ( everytime !? ), it’s in the old pots we do the good soup :slight_smile:

Already exists a IRC chan #nethserver on freenode

Yes, and it could be a real good idea to use it… On all platform ( Android, iOS, Win, Mac, Linux, BSD ) there’s IRC client…

I’m not forcing you to join, feel free to join if you like :slight_smile:
We already have that channel and used it a lot during the Conference.
I’m not prohibiting you to use IRC anyway :slight_smile:

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I will try :wink:

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Sorry, i won’t subscribe Telegram only for the “Official Telegram Chat”.
I hope that the IM-Enabled-Community-GooRoo will report all the interesting stuff wrote on that chat into the forum :wink:

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