New NS8 install, can't click on lots of links

Reinstalled NS8 PVE image from ns8-rocky-linux-9-ns8-stable.qcow2 following a hosed core update (ticket to follow) thinking I could do a restore to get my system back, But following the creation of the cluster, lots of the clickable links, including Backup, are not working. Thinking I might need a domain, I created that, but no difference.

On the Cluster Status page, “Go to Subscription” and “Go to Backup” do nothing. Going down the menu, the first 4 entries work, Cluster Status, Nodes, Domains and Users, and Software Center. Backup does nothing. System Logs works and I can display the logs. Audit Log fails. Settings works, but on the Setting page itself, only Cluster works. All the other buttons do nothing. And lastly About does nothing.

So basically the “new” system I created to restore to can’t really be used as I can’t get to the Restore page.


Hi Eddie,

this behavior is quite strange. Which browser are you using? Is something printed on the browser console (On most browsers: hit F12 and open the Console tab)?

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Yeah, each click starts with a 404:


But it must be something caused by caching as switching to either Firefox or Chrome Incognito mode doesn’t have the issue. (Should have tried that before, sigh).