New module for centralized backup

We’ve used Amanda ( for years. Works great, and encrypted :smile:
I’m not the expert on Amanda, my fellow admin is, so don’t ask me about the ins and outs. I just know we’ve never had any trouble decrypting and restoring a backup in the past years.
Only thing is… there is no GUI.

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thinking aloud, I wonder if the bareos solution to use a client on the computer to back up is not too difficult to manage in an environment with many computers (does the client need to be updated sometime ???). Ok with a client, the backup will be faster. But in the meanwhile even if BackupPc gets a webUI and has no client to install, I’m not sure if the development is going well and it looks pretty old :smile:

A centralised backup module could be a nice project to do, of course more people are involved, more it is fun…the code is just an insignificant part

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What is the main goal with this backup? File+OS? Disk image/bare metal restore?

there are tools to make massive deploy even on windoze client that runs on linux (see, for example,, so the client part installation is not an issue IMHO

if you need to backup windows client you can’t do it simply via smb/cifs, you need something running on the clients… with backuppc you can achieve it installing on the client pc a rsync server that supports VSS

I don’t know at all about backups with disk image, I use to backup only data, I believe that the OS will be reinstalled by the sysadmin. Moreover if a computer is infected by some malwares, the restoration with that kind of backup can restore infected files. Maybe with only data, the risk is less important and the size of backed data is smaller. That said, I do not work in IT, and my vision is not necessarily realistic.

Did you have some ‘Disk image/bare metal’ softwares in mind to propose ? seems to be a good tool for centralized bare metal restore

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I would love a tool similar to Duplicati 2.0 (which unfortunately only works with windows).
The new storage format got rid of regular full backups, fantastic even for slow internet connections.
Only the first is a Full backup, then no more huge uploads.

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I’m using duplicity with incremental only backups. It works well. The only missing feature is the incremental refactoring to consolidate backups and throw away old sets.
I can share my scripts if you want to have a look.

just installed webmin on port 10000, working around NethServer for the features it doesnt have, and trying for bacula, its on my to do list as of intergration thats another thing that may need to be worked out at a later time if its chosen. Everyone has the backup they like so its their choice not mine, i need to be able to backup to arrays so this why i installed this way. Some of the issues you mention are being worked on as we speak… I have done some things around NethServer without breaking the distro and i was very careful in doing so.

Amanda is awesome but there is only an enterprise GUI available… which is disappointing and its not open source…

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Not sure that webmin is a good idea…maybe we should try another gui.

I would have used cpanel but the open source is too old, I am still looking doesnt mean its a go its whats working for now to see whats happening as i test things over the distro…

This is really an awesome piece of software!!!

Perhaps it would be possible to replace Duplicity with Obnam or Attic.
Compared to Duplicity these software have the ability to generate encrypted incremental forever backup for offsite backup.
Helpful when used as second destination backup.
Filippo is testing something like that, I think

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Another option could be Affa
@stephdl, any idea?

affa is no more maintained…a nice piece of software, but without developers.

I would be more interested by other solution given at the top of this topic

bacula or bareos
Edit : urbackup seems nice also

Bacula and bareos don’t have a webui…that’s why i chose backuppc

It is not completely true…bacula has a lot of webui but none official and bareos tends to get one official : bareos-webui

It is what I understood…shout if i’m wrong

You are right, but their installation is quite messy , btw i’m for bareos

This is very good if you use a cloud solution as secondary store.