New installation NethServer, keep same user profile on domain


(Wellington Rodrigues) #1

Hi guys,

I will need to do a new installation of NethServer because we will replace the common HDs for SAS HDs. All our computers are Windows and all are in the domain…here comes the doubt. If a new installation is made, when logging into Windows will create a new user profile. Is there a procedure for not creating a new user profile and continue using the existing user profile? Because here in the company are more than 80 computers and it will take a lot of work to set everything up again.

(Markus Neuberger) #2

If you don’t use virtualization, what about some offline cloning tool like clonezilla ? This way you may keep the domain and client profile shouldn’t change.

Another idea is using hotsync to clone from old to new server but it’s not intended for that:

I recommend to test it first in a virtual environment like proxmox, virtualbox or vmware.

Another idea is to try it from the client via Windows registry and maybe use a script to change to the right profile.

(Wellington Rodrigues) #3

It may be a stupid question but if I do the cloning, there will be risk of badblocks also in the new HD?

(Markus Neuberger) #4

The cloning software usually manages that well. If the data can be read there should be no problem. It doesn’t clone badblocks.

(Wellington Rodrigues) #5

Thank you.
I’ll try this option.

(Stefano Zamboni) #6

If your NS is your DC, backup and restore is the right way to go

(Markus Neuberger) #7

Thx @Stefano_Zamboni, for sure that’s the better (supported) method:

(Stefano Zamboni) #8

as a side note, cloning tools are useless with products/distros like NS

(Markus Neuberger) #9

Why? Because of possible HDD arrangement changes? Please explain…

(Stefano Zamboni) #10

because of NS’ structure and concept, cloning a machine is more error prone procedure than a backup and restore one.