New installation NethServer, keep same user profile on domain

Hi guys,

I will need to do a new installation of NethServer because we will replace the common HDs for SAS HDs. All our computers are Windows and all are in the domain…here comes the doubt. If a new installation is made, when logging into Windows will create a new user profile. Is there a procedure for not creating a new user profile and continue using the existing user profile? Because here in the company are more than 80 computers and it will take a lot of work to set everything up again.

If you don’t use virtualization, what about some offline cloning tool like clonezilla ? This way you may keep the domain and client profile shouldn’t change.

Another idea is using hotsync to clone from old to new server but it’s not intended for that:

I recommend to test it first in a virtual environment like proxmox, virtualbox or vmware.

Another idea is to try it from the client via Windows registry and maybe use a script to change to the right profile.


It may be a stupid question but if I do the cloning, there will be risk of badblocks also in the new HD?

The cloning software usually manages that well. If the data can be read there should be no problem. It doesn’t clone badblocks.

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Thank you.
I’ll try this option.

If your NS is your DC, backup and restore is the right way to go


Thx @Stefano_Zamboni, for sure that’s the better (supported) method:

as a side note, cloning tools are useless with products/distros like NS

Why? Because of possible HDD arrangement changes? Please explain…

because of NS’ structure and concept, cloning a machine is more error prone procedure than a backup and restore one.