New installation can’t access the internet

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Hi sorry for very basic question but i really need this. I am newbie. May ask why is my client computers cant access internet connection after the installation is there a something things that i need to do?

Hope you can help me?

My set up connection is Modem>>Nethserver>>Switch>>Client computer thank you for your help.

Usually it should just work.

Did you setup your network correctly, green for local network, red for internet?

Did you setup DHCP?

Do your clients get the IP config from the Nethserver DHCP server? You may try to set a static IP and use Nethserver as DNS and gateway.

To show/check your config you may use command line:

db networks show
ip addr


Make sure RED is going to modem and GREEN is going to switch, also on a clean install I usually need to configure through RED since GREEN has not been configured yet. Also, if you are using nethserver as DHCP make sure it is on and configured correctly. If you do not use nethserver as DHCP, your PC/devices may have a different subnet/gateway. Sometimes windows does not pick up IP changes correctly, may need to open up command prompt and run ipconfig /release/renew or just unplug the ethernet cable and plug back in for the PC to update the IP configs.


Hi guys,

Thank you very much for the help.

My setup is wrong. I set the red for the local while the green is for the internet. Thanks again.