New hardware - new technology - everything new and happy!

Hi there,

Here I would like to report about my experiences with the new configuration of a NethServer on 7.9.2007.

I would like to thank @Andy_Wismer very, very much, who took me by the hand and did a guided installation with me.
Without his help, I would not have dared to do it.

Thank you very much!

After more than ten years, my friend decided that we would redesign his server and the entire IT infrastructure.
He’s just building a new house and it was a great opportunity to do everything new.
The old configuration had reached the end of its life or has already exceeded it (NethServer 6 previously Zentyal, Hadware was now in operation for 11 years - without major failures).

All hardware should be geared towards energy-saving equipment.

We have now used the following hardware:
Asrock rack C3558D4I-4L
2x 120GB SSD Samsung (Proxmox)
2x 120GB SSD Samsung (virtual systems)
2x 1TB WD Gold (reserve)
2x 3TB WD Red + (data / var from NethServer)

1x TP-Link TL-SG2428P (Switch POE)
1x TP-Link OC 200 (controller)
1x TP-Link EAP245 (AP)
2x TP-Link EAP225 Outdoor (AP)
3x TP-Link EAP235 Wall (AP)
1x UPS APC Back UPS 950VA

1x FritzBox (VOIP) °
2x Gigaset DECT phones °
in the near future:
3x Grandstream WP820 (WiFi telephone)

5x Sonos Play5 (LAN) °
2x Teufel Box (WiFi) °

1x NAS Iomega Ix4-300d (2x3TB)

(° = from the inventory)

WAN connection is a 500 / 100mbit from Deutsche Telekom

Total power requirements are currently ~ 330 watts in regular operation

Thanks to the help of Andy Wismer, I ventured into a new way of installation, yes, it’s completely different if you dare to try such a technology as a hobby person.

Proxmox then everything else was put on.
Now 3 virtual machines are running:

  • opnSense
  • NethServer
  • Pi-Hole
    and I can only say afterwards - just awesome!

No matter what you do when you take a snapshot you can safely go back, and splitting the FireWall into a separate virtual system makes more than sense, at the next opportunity, when everything is completely set up, the FireWall will probably be completely decentralized to an APU2 board .

There were several tough sessions that made my head smoke, but the result of the technical quantum leap is huge.

I still have two problems but they will be tackled now after my vacation - but I am the problem there.
a) openVPN only works halfway (opnSense)
b) Moving the email data from the old system to the new one

Without the help that I get here in the forum again and again, none of this would be possible, thanks!

Thank you, everyone who is active here and wants to make the world a better place :wink:

NethServer is great - but without the people here, it’s only half as valuable!



Add to all above now fully working (and tested!) OpenVPN!

My 2 cents

An Atom CPU with the same computational power (as stated by of an old MacBook 13 Pro (2012)
Except power draw, which is less than 50%…


Hi Michael

I must admit, before this experience, I never thought an Atom CPU usable for a Notebook (Maybe one of those “Netbooks” of 2010…), and certainly not for a server.

I will also admit to being impressed. The whole system uses ZFS, and an Install of the OS was VERY fast. CPU / RAM Load all lower than expected. The system “feels” very responsive!

I’m looking at getting one with 128 GB RAM and 8 cores for my Lab…
Run long, low usage, so low electricity bill is interesting. Also 4 NICs, eg LAN BONDING, Storage / Cluster / Backup Network, whatever is needed…

This board:


My 2 cents

Well, I think the board is perfectly fine for normal private use and file sharing in the LAN.

It’s just a compromise between performance and consumption - although I have to state that there is more power than the old “server” :wink:

I’m curious how @Andy_Wismer is doing with the large 8-core CPU (25W).
I have now consciously used the small one with 4 cores (16W).

I’m still thinking about whether I should upgrade the memory to 64GB in the near future.

Have a beautiful Sunday

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There’s an old saying, from mainframe times, still valid to now:

The only replacement for RAM is: More RAM!

I haven’t got the 8 core yet, had to wait until they verified the RAM (128 GB RAM) and transfer the payment (End of Month)… :slight_smile:

I’d go for the RAM if it can fit in the budget…:slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Still a lot eager to see chips of Embbedded series based on Ryzen platform… should be a gamechanger for cores and performance.

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You mean Super :man_superhero: Andy. Thanks for reporting your story

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